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This is CalendarSpots’ first official blog post! CalendarSpots.com is an online scheduling software that makes it simple for the smallest businesses to accept appointments online, while managing complex internal scheduling requirements. In other words, we make scheduling EASY PEASY. So what does blogging have to do with that?

online scheduling and appointment booking software

Over the years, my colleagues and I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of small businesses and learn more about the challenges they face on a day to day basis, whether it be related to scheduling or not. We are by no means expert bloggers but we thought a blog would be an excellent forum for exposing common challenges, suggestions on how to grow your business via the web and allowing other clients or readers to share their experiences as well. We would also like to share ways our clients can take advantage of CalendarSpots features and provide regular updates on what’s new with us. We look forward to blogging about…

  • Tips for small businesses: This can be anything from BIG ideas for BIG results or a small change that just makes your life that much easier.
  • Web development ideas: Ok so our technical team wants in on the sharing too! In this section of the blog you will find stuff about coding, working with third-party APIs, developing applications built for the web and much more.
  • CalendarSpots tips & updates: We get it – there are so many great features but you can’t know them all. So, this is where you will learn new and creative ways to take advantage of existing features as well as read about new features.

Sharing is caring. So please SHARE! To leave feedback, comments or suggestions, just type your note below. We look forward to blogging with you!

Hello, My name is Gianna Ricciardi and I am obsessed with being organized, efficient and productive at all times. It's no wonder I helped found CalendarSpots to help small businesses manage their appointments more efficiently too! On this blog, I will be posting tips to help all types of small businesses SAVE time and MAKE money. I'll also share some interesting ways to use our online scheduling software.
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