What are the advantages of using a newsletter application

Newsletters are a great way to share information such as promotions and business updates. CalendarSpots recently integrated its scheduling software with MailChimp to allow our clients to send professional-looking newsletters to their clients. We also made it easy to generate distribution lists from our software for those that use a tool other than MailChimp, for example Cake Mail or Campaign Monitor.

During the launch of this feature, many clients asked us what some of the advantages of using a newsletter application are. They were also wondering what criteria they should use in selecting a newsletter tool. These questions prompted us to write the following blog post which highlights some of the advantages to look out for when selecting a newsletter tool.

The Obvious Advantages
Newsletter tools often provide great looking templates that you can build off of without having to spend lots of money on a graphic artist. You can also use previously sent newsletters as a starting point to speed up the drafting process. Overall, newsletters allow for professional-looking communications that can be personally addressed to readers. For those of you still using email for mass communication, beware of sending emails with cc to hundreds, as exposing personal email addresses can make for a lot of unhappy customers!

Not As Widely Known Advantages
Newsletter applications have email templates designed to help minimize the number of emails that end up in spam. You can also view reports summarizing how many newsletters were sent, how many bounced, and most importantly how many were actually viewed. These reports are crucial in helping you measure the efficacy of your newsletter campaign.

Also, with spamming on the rise most individuals take to heart their right to opt-out of email communications. Newsletters tools help you manage opt-ins and opt-outs which is very difficult to control manually. Continuing to send emails to a client that has specifically requested an opt-out can significantly damage your relationship with that client- and well as your email reputation.

For those that were unsure, email reputation is actually a real thing! A rating is associated to your IP address and domain. You can hurt your email reputation by sending high frequency mass emails, sending too many emails to nonexistent addresses, if readers systematically move your content to the spam folder, and even if too many complaints are received from readers. Bottom line: There are rules to follow when embarking on email campaigns and newsletter tools help you follow the proper etiquette.

What Do You Think?
These are just some of the advantages that quickly come to mind. If you are using a newsletter tool to manage your email marketing campaigns please let us know what tool you are using. Also share what you love about it and how it helped you and your business!

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