Getting clients to book appointments online

So you’ve created a CalendarSpots account to help better manage your daily appointments. You’ve set up your rooms, staff members, and services. So what do you do next? SPREAD THE WORD!

Online Appointment Booking

Tell Customers You Offer Online Appointment Booking

Besides managing appointments internally, you can also accept appointments online. But people won’t know you have this great feature unless you tell them!

So here are some additional tips to help you spread the word:

1. Put up a simple poster at your place of business in the waiting area and/or at the cash register.

2. Talk about it! While your clients are paying for their service or booking their next appointment tell them about this great new feature. Ask them for their email address so that you can send them an email reminder prior to their next appointment. Tell them that they can book an appointment online any time of the day, any day of the week by simply visiting the customer portal.

3. Send out a newsletter to announce the great news. Once you have collected enough email addresses, create your very own personalized newsletter announcing the online booking feature. Newsletters are a great way to get your clients informed of new trends concerning your business.

4. Is your business being advertised on Facebook? Twitter? Do you have a Google+ page? Just add a link to your customer portal to help spread the word!

5. Announce it on your voicemail. How many calls do you miss in one day? Many of those missed calls could be clients trying to book appointments. Tell them they can go online to book an appointment. Make your voicemail message work for you!

6. Indicate the customer portal address on your business card followed by: Book an appointment online!

Have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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