Deactivating compatibility mode

New versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are released regularly to correct security vulnerabilities and allow for new functionality. Keeping your Internet browser up to date is very important to ensure your browser properly supports all web pages.

Compatibility ModeAs newer browser versions are released, websites and software stop supporting older versions which are used by few. In the future, CalendarSpots will no longer be actively supporting Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and certain features may be disabled when accessing our scheduling software with IE7. We therefore encourage you to upgrade to a more recent web browser. This will allow you to take advantage of all of our features and potentially improve software response times.

Even if you are using a recent version of IE, it is possible that it is behaving like IE7. This is what is known as Compatibility Mode. Sometimes older websites or software display incorrectly with newer versions of Internet Explorer. In Compatibility View, websites will be displayed as if you were viewing them in a previous version of Internet Explorer, which will often correct display problems.

To verify if your browser is in Compatibility mode, open your Internet Explorer web browser and click on “Tools”. If “Compatibility View” is checked, click on “Compatibility View” to remove the check. The page will reload with the Compatibility View turned off.

If “Compatibility View” is grayed out, a change must be made in “Compatibility View Settings” (just below “Compatibility View”). A Compatibility View Settings window will open, showing the current settings for the Compatibility View mode. Next to “Display all websites in Compatibility View” at the very bottom of the window, click on the arrow to remove the check. Removing the arrow will allow you to make changes to the previously grayed areas. To save your settings, click on “Close”.

Visit Microsoft’s support page for additional information regarding Compatibility Mode

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