Cub Cleaners manages irregular schedules with online scheduling software

Cub Cleaners is a unique business that offers professional home cleaning services – with a sexy twist! Based out of free-spirited Portland, Oregon it’s not surprising that this business came to be. I had a great chat with Cubmaster Buck learning about this quirky city and discussing how our web calendar software helps manage the cubs’ schedules.

I discovered that Portland is home to the largest Naked Bike Ride every June, helping bring attention to society’s dependence on pollution-based transport. The city is abundant with nude beaches, naked pool nights and nude karaoke. It’s about freedom of speech for this artsy and liberal city. So why not nude cleaning services? In fact, Cub Cleaners offers clients the choice of having their professional male cleaner work fully clothed, in his underwear or jockstrap, or in the nude.

The idea for Cub Cleaners came about when speaking to a friend who was working hard to pay for college. Many jobs available to students are low-pay and offer very little flexibility for study and classes. Cleaning homes offers the opportunity for better wage with more flexible hours.

Staff Scheduling and Online Booking“In fact, most of our Cubs are students or individuals that have more than one job. The challenge for me was trying to coordinate everyone’s ever changing schedules while respecting their other obligations”, explained Cubmaster Buck, “Coordinating almost a dozen different schedules is extremely time consuming and almost impossible without the proper tools”.

With CalendarSpots, every Cub enters their own schedule and makes changes as required. Clients go online, select their preferred Cub, and are able to book their cleaning based on each of their schedules.

Cubmaster Buck described the process of searching for scheduling software when he was just starting off. “CalendarSpots was the best bang for your buck. The software allowed us to set a wide variety of scheduling rules to make sure bookings made sense. We have to travel to our clients’ homes so the padding time between appointments is a must. We also require minimum 24 hours’ notice for online booking and cancellation”.

For Cub Cleaners, having a booking software that all Cubs could have access to from any web-enabled device at any time and any place allows them to update highly irregular schedules instantly. This allows for better coordination of availabilities and avoids errors.

If you live in Portland, why not book your cleaning by visiting the Cub Cleaners website.

While I have not met each of the Cubs myself, I already feel a connection by surfing through their pictures and descriptions on the booking portal. Here’s a glimpse of the team!

Staff Scheduling and Online Booking

Meet the Cub Cleaners

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