Web calendar allows Kikiwin Bowen Therapy to cut admin work in half

Hali Fitzpatrick owns her own alternative health practice in Stony Plain, Alberta known as Kikiwin Bowen Therapy. She specializes in Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

On a cold Friday afternoon, as Hali stayed cozy with her dog and her grandson, I had the opportunity to speak with her about the old days of managing appointments…with paper and a pen! “Where I previously worked, we were a team of 5-6 therapists. Using a paper ledger to coordinate all those appointments was a nightmare,” she explained. “It was quite complex.”

Online Appointment Booking“With CalendarSpots, my clients can book appointments from my website or Facebook page. I can view appointments from my Iphone or Ipad at any given time. I have access to reports and all my client’s info. I don’t have to guess because all the information I need to manage my business is at the tip of my fingers. It simplifies and streamlines the booking process”

“It’s a big advantage for me” says Hali of online booking. “My clients LOVE it. Kikiwin Bowen is in a small community of 16 000 and not everyone offers online appointment booking. They really really love it”. Hali pointed out that clients shouldn’t have to feel pressured to choose a time quickly over the phone. With the online booking portal, they can sit down with their personal calendar at the computer and look over all the different options without holding anyone up on the line.

When searching for the right web calendar software, Hali considered 3-4 different alternatives. CalendarSpots offered a lot of flexibility in terms of configuration, for example, choosing your own display intervals, adding a padding time after appointments, adding staff bios and service descriptions that really compliment your website, etc. Also, it is simple to use and therapist-friendly (i.e. you don’t need to be a techie). Finally, she pointed out that the cost is truly amazing for what you get.

Overall, Hali estimates that 60-70% of her clients book their appointments online. Thanks to online booking and CalendarSpots’ appointment management features, Hali is able to cut her administrative work in half, so she can focus more on her clients. In fact, you can see her in action below.

Online Appointment Booking - Bowen TherapyOnline Appointment Booking - Bowen Therapy

To learn more about the Bowen Technique, visit Kikiwin Bowen Therapy’s website.

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