Whitelisting – Ensuring emails from specific domains go to your Inbox

Whitelisting is important

As email users, we all receive quite a bit of spam. These are unsolicited, undesired emails often promising low cost Viagara or penis enlargement. To help us filter through this unsolicited mail, email providers have set up spam filters. These proprietary spam filters will automatically send certain email to your SPAM box. This helps keep our Inbox “clean”.

However, important email sometimes get mistakenly sent to spam, leaving you in the dark. To avoid this from happening, you can whitelist the specific e-mail address and/or domain from which you wish to receive email.

When whitelisting, you are letting your email provider know that email you receive from a particular e-mail address are welcomed email, not spam. In other words, it is a stamp of approval that minimizes the chances of this email being sent to spam by mistake.

How to Whitelist?

Below we have included instructions for some of the popular email providers, more specifically Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. In another blog post, we will take a look at other web-based e-mail applications. Happy Whitelisting!

Yahoo! Mail

Before creating a filter to automatically send email from a specified domain to your Inbox, check if there is any e-mail from that domain in the SPAM folder. If so, open the email message and click “Not Spam”.

To create a Filter:

1. Click “Settings” in the top right navigation bar

2. Choose “Filters” from the drop down menu

whitelist yahoo mail

Yahoo! Mail Settings Window

3. Click the “Add” button on the Filters page

4. Select the “Sender” rule, and add the domain next to “Match all mail from”. Make sure the drop down menu shows “Contains”

5. Choose “Inbox” as the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered.

6. Save.

Lastly, make sure the domain does not appear in your Blocked Addresses. Here’s how:

1. In the Settings window, select the Blocked Addresses option

2. Make sure the domain you wish to whitelist does not appear. If so, select and click “Remove”


To make sure email gets delivered to your Inbox:

1. Click the drop down arrow next to “Show search options” in the main search field

Create filters Gmail

Google Gmail Show Search Options button

2. Type the domain name under “From”

3. Follow the “Create filter with this search” link at the bottom of the search sheet

4. Make sure “Never send it to Spam” is checked

5. Click “Create filter”

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