Automated appointment reminders exempt from CASL

Some of our clients have called us frantically asking if they will have to turn off automated appointment reminders as of July 1st when Canada’s anti-spam legislation comes into force.

Luckily, there are some exceptions from the rules outlined in CASL, namely for transactional messages that do not contain any marketing language. This is the case for appointment confirmations and reminders generated by CalendarSpots which simply confirm the details of the appointment booked by the client. These messages are triggered by an action taken by your client, in this case, booking an appointment with you.

This said, it is still best practice to respect a client’s wish to not receive any such confirmations or reminders and it is possible to opt-out.

Here is how our software works in respect to automated appointment confirmations and reminders:

By email

If a client books an appointment online, he/she must provide an email address and will receive an email confirmation.

If a client calls in to book an appointment, the client will receive an email confirmation only if:

  • Notifications for internal bookings have been activated
  • The client has a valid email address on profile
  • The client has not opted-out of appointment confirmations.

A client will receive an email reminder only if:

  • Appointment reminders have been enabled
  • The client has a valid email address on profile
  • The client has not opted-out of reminders.


Even if SMS reminders have been enabled in your account, a client will only receive an SMS reminder if:

  • The client has a valid mobile number in their profile
  • The client has opted-in to receive SMS.

You can manage opt-ins and opt-outs in the Advanced Settings (under Options menu) of the client profile.

Options for automated appointment reminders

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