The first step in growing your business is NOT by adding more patients!

We all want a full schedule when we own a business, whether that be full of patients, customers, or clients, all of these mean the same thing. We want to make money! In a dental office for example, there are a few key things that should be done to ensure you are seeing the most possible patients in a day. Schedule overlapping appointments is of utmost importance. A dentist should have one patient seated and prepped while another is being finished in a different room.

Also, the ‘type’ of appointment makes a big difference. Try not to schedule too many complicated appointments (that take longer) in one day, because if that patient cancels short notice you have one (or more) larger openings in your schedule. This of course will reduce office productivity.

When scheduling appointments, the office staff should be aware that the first 10 minutes at least involves paperwork, updating medical and dental history, and of course a quick chat! This will make it easier for overlapping appointments.

Having a quick 20 minute appointment with Patient A overlapping a 60 minute appointment with Patient B could work in your favor if Patient A cancels. At least now you have Patient A and can spend extra time if required.

It may be a concern to keep patients waiting but think of it this way – a dental practice does better if they have patients wait 5-10 minutes then have a huge opening in the schedule. The first step in growing your business is not by adding more patients. It is being more productive personally with the patients you already have!

Hello, my name is Andrea Twarowski and I have been told I do a little bit of everything! My passions include educating and working in the dental profession, designing web sites and blogs, and collaborating with companies to promote and increase productivity. This has been my fun for the past 10 years. I work part time as a dental hygienist with Dr. Jack Bottner in London, ON. Also, I tutor dental hygiene and dental assisting students as well as offering continuing education for dental professionals. If you need help creating, or updating your blog or web site; including marketing using newsletters or social media drop me a line. Also, you can visit me at Office Elle Solutions and I look forward to speaking with you!
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