Full screen mode allows for better work space

Here’s a simple Friday trick that may not revolutionize your life but is definitely good to know! Today we will explore the F11 key.

Few understand the magic of the F11 key. In fact, standard keyboards have a row of “F” buttons at the top, each with their own function. Pressing the F11 allows users to enter Full Screen mode. This means that you whatever you are working on will take up the entire screen removing any distractions from the background and help you focus more clearly on what is right in front. When you are working in a calendar application, this can be handy because there is a lot of information being displayed on screen and the application is being accessed throughout the day.

Keep in mind that in order to take up the full screen, the tool bar at the top of the page will be hidden. But you can easily access the toolbar by hovering at top or by exiting full screen mode by pressing F11 again. It’s as simple as that!

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