The benefits of educating your clients about their insurance coverage

People are becoming more aware of their healthcare benefits and what it entails. You will often hear “well is this service covered?” If it is not covered, or a portion is not covered, the client won’t want it. I find this frustrating and want to tell my clients that their treatment plan is not based on their insurance coverage but it is based on their need. This is a common misconception.

It is our job as healthcare providers to educate patients. There is no harm in saying – “I know your insurance only covers you to come for a teeth cleaning every six months, but due to the amount of deposits you have on your teeth it would be healthier for you to come every three months”. You can discuss their insurance coverage with them at their appointment.

At our office we have the insurance information entered directly into our practice software to pull up and discuss at any time.

For wider case acceptance we implement the following in our office:

  • Verify the insurance information when making or confirming the appointment. The insurance information can change periodically and making the client aware you are concerned with their coverage (for their benefit) will be appreciated.
  • Enter insurance information into the practice management software. When possible attach a PDF of the benefit summary to the patient file so it is easily available to reference when needed.

Following the above protocol will increase case acceptance and appointments scheduled. Having the insurance information on hand will make discussing the treatment needed a lot smoother and you can discuss payment plans at that time if necessary.

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