The little things do matter: a simple act to make your clients feel appreciated


I bought a new car three years ago. Even though I was happy with my purchase, I did not have any particular loyalty towards the dealership I dealt with.

A couple of months passed and it was my birthday. I was having lunch with some friends when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was my car dealer.

I remember telling myself: “Ugh. What do they want?” Nonetheless, I picked up the phone.

To my surprise, all they wanted was to wish me a happy birthday.

I know they do this for marketing purposes, BUT WHO CARES! It made me happy and never before has a company taken the time to do that for me.

I ended up telling my family and friends about it. They were all as surprised as me!

The true beauty behind the dealer’s simple act was:
- It enforced my likeability of their brand.
- It created inexpensive and authentic word-of-mouth advertising.

Try it out for yourself. If your customers are anything like me, they will start expecting a call each year. Do not disappoint them!

Did you know? To leave the same impression on your customers and their peers, you can now use a simple function within your CalendarSpots software. Check out how to lookup upcoming birthdays!

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