No shows can be costly for a service-based business

Do your clients sometimes forget their appointments? Or perhaps they forget to advise you of last minute changes? These clients are commonly known as “no shows” causing significant loss of productivity and a direct hit to revenue.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlights the tremendous costs of no-shows in the health care industry and suggests that clients may not be the only ones to blame. In fact, clinics and any other service-based businesses, need to do their part to avoid missed appointments.

While many clients state forgetting as the main reason for not attending an appointment almost the same amount blame poor communication.

There are several ways to help jog your clients memory when it comes to their appointments and online appointment booking software often include several features that can help.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Call clients to confirm their presence: If you do this, make sure to change the appointment status in CalendarSpots from Scheduled to Confirmed. This is useful for tracking purposes.
  2. Activate automated email reminders: You can also add a personalized message to emphasize your cancellation policy or preparatory steps the client must complete before the appointment (example : Please wear comfortable clothes or Drink a lot of water before your appointment).
  3. Activate automated SMS reminders: Make sure to obtain your client’s consent in case their telecom provider charges for this service.

Automating appointment reminders is a great way to save time (as opposed to calling clients one by one) while reducing no shows. It is also very practical for clients, allowing them to retain appointment details in their inbox or on their phone for future reference. If you do activate automated reminders, make sure to select the frequency that best suits your needs. You can also include a message asking clients to confirm their presence by logging into their account on the booking portal.

Have you struggled with no-shows? What are some of the strategies you’ve tried to make sure clients attend their appointments?

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