Use dental insurance before it runs out!

Another year is coming to an end. Time goes by so fast, and around this time a lot of patients’ insurances will be running out for the year. This is a great opportunity to book their regular hygiene cleaning appointments or any outstanding treatment that needs to be done. Clients will be hoping to squeeze in  an appointment before the end of the year.

Because it is such a busy time, you can’t afford unforeseen cancellations or scheduling mishaps. Appointment scheduling software benefits are many but one of the most important would have to be avoiding missed appointments or conflicts. You can reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations when you send email or letter reminders using your software. Changing appointments or even quickly changing patient information can be easy with the right software.

It is not uncommon for a patient to call after hours wanting an appointment, if you have the right web-based software, you can easily access patient information anytime and from any location. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. You won’t feel so overwhelmed and patients will appreciate that they can book an appointment from anywhere and anytime.

Get organized! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase bookings for 2014 because in addition, your practice will start booking appointments early into the year if any treatment cannot be completed before insurance runs out.

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