Add colour to your life!

Color is a great tool for self-expression.

As a small business or self-employed professional, it’s so important to let your personality shine. This will help you stand out from the competition and make your brand more recognizable.

The CalendarSpots team is happy to release a software update that does just that!

We now offer an unlimited amount of color combinations to help you highlight and express your corporate image through your online appointment booking portal!

Our last update of 2014 included the following changes to customer portals:

  • A more modern feel, while preserving the simplicity and clean look that is so appreciated by our clients
  • The ability to add more color to highlight your corporate image
  • A box that highlights the possibility of selecting different locations, if any.

By default, the color theme that appears is a white background with grey titles. Here’s an example below:

white themed appointment booking portal

To change the color of your portal, go to Settings-Portal-Modify Theme.

Here are some examples to inspire you! Each is a different color combination of the same portal:

Blue themed appointment booking portalpurple themed appointment booking portalgreen themed appointment booking portal

Personalizing the online appointment booking process is so important. So here’s some other ideas to help you make your Customer Portal unique to you:

Let’s go! Now it’s time to get creative and try it out for yourself :)


Hello, We are your friendly CalendarSpots support team! We are happy to hear from you anytime and will be posting all our software updates and tips on this blog.
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