4 tips to start filling your schedule today

Is your dental office having trouble filling the schedule?

The more I speak to peers, the more it seems like every office is having that problem lately. Some blame it on the lack of insurance while others feel people aren’t valuing their appointment.

But without patients in your schedule, you don’t have much of a business- right? So here are 4 simple things you can do to help fill that schedule right away.

1 – Call patients in the evening – A typical work day is from 9-5 so if you tend to make your phone calls during the day, you will miss many people.  Leaving messages can be frustrating for you and for your patient.  If only they would call you back after your first message!

2 – Check your inactive charts – Every practice has them.  So many patients that are sitting waiting to be called.  Perhaps they haven’t visited for 2 or more years but if you feel they have been called enough, it is always a good idea to send them a postcard reminding them they are due for an appointment.  Even better, offer them a promotion to get them in the door.

3 – Make it easy for patients – This is 2015, everyone has an email address these days and taking confirmations by email will likely reach a lot of patients that phone calls may not. Or even better use automated email or SMS reminders to save you the hassle or typing them up individually.

4 – Predeterminations - When you send an estimate on the patients behalf you likely won’t get a response back from the insurance company.  The insurance company will send the response to the patient instead.  It should take a month at the most, so leave a note somewhere to call these patients back every month to ask if they received the predetermination and if they have any questions.

Someone once told me that all dental practices, like most businesses, are either going up or going down.  They don’t stay the same – so you are either getting new patients every month or not.  Which type of office do you work in?  You can start filling the schedule today, so get on the phone and bring the patients in!

Hello, my name is Andrea Twarowski and I have been told I do a little bit of everything! My passions include educating and working in the dental profession, designing web sites and blogs, and collaborating with companies to promote and increase productivity. This has been my fun for the past 10 years. I work part time as a dental hygienist with Dr. Jack Bottner in London, ON. Also, I tutor dental hygiene and dental assisting students as well as offering continuing education for dental professionals. If you need help creating, or updating your blog or web site; including marketing using newsletters or social media drop me a line. Also, you can visit me at Office Elle Solutions and I look forward to speaking with you!
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