Add a Book Now button on your Facebook page so customers can book an appointment online

book appointment on facebookLike many small businesses, you probably spend a lot of time managing your Facebook page.

It’s a great platform to showcase pictures of your team and workspace. You can share interesting anecdotes and promotions.  The goal of all this is to create the perfect environment to interact with your clients. So why not go a step further and use Facebook to encourage clients to book their next appointment with you?

Fully take advantage of Facebook today by adding a call-to-action that prompts your clients to book their appointments online!

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:
1-      Click on the Create Call-to-Action button located near the bottom right corner of your cover page
2-      Choose the Book Now button
3-      Paste your CalendarSpots portal link in Website section
4-      Click on Next
5-      Keep the Website destination for iOS devices
6-      Click on Next
7-      Keep the Website destination for Android devices
8-      Click on Create

There you have it, your clients can now book appointments directly from your Facebook page!

We also encourage you to personalize your online booking portal so that it matches your brand’s image!

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