Blood donation clinics benefit from online appointment booking

The American Red Cross lists very interesting facts about blood donation on their website. For example, did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the USA will need blood? That’s why raising awareness and organizing blood drives is an ongoing effort.

The risks to blood donors are minimal and the benefits to patients are immense – and yet we don’t all think of donating our blood.

Sometimes its just a matter of not getting around to it. That why it’s so important to keep the process simple and accessible. Online appointment booking is one of those things can can make it easier to increase participation.

“Our online calendar system is SO AWESOME, we have had an increase in the # of blood donors. ¬†We want to thank you!!” Mike Marotta, Jefferson Blood Donor Center, CalendarSpots Online Scheduling Software Client.

Blood donors can book their appointment ANYTIME ANYWHERE

Does this sound familiar? Just got in from a long day at the office and barely had time to digest your supper. It’s 9 PM and you’re probably thinking that the clinic is closed. No worries! You can book your appointment 24/7 with just a few clicks. Another option would have been to reserve your spot via iphone during the day as you shuffle between meetings. Having to call-in to book an appointment while at work can feel like a chore and discourage some from taking action. Online booking makes it easy.

On-site blood drives are convenient

Bringing blood drives to the people at their place of work is another way to increase participation. People don’t have to get into their car and drive to the clinic and the convenience makes blood donation a no brainer. Employers often like to host such blood drives at the workplace as its showcases their sense of social responsibility. But appointments are required so that nurses don’t make the trip for nothing. It’s also important to ensure their is no loss of productivity at work. Online appointment booking fulfills this requirement without burdening the employer that chooses to host the blood drive with extra administrative tasks.

Build your bank of donors

Scheduling software allows you to build a database of donors. In times of blood shortage you can call upon your regular donors or simply use your database as a way to send out educational information via newsletter. Being able to access blood donation history and print special reports is also key to successful planning.

Keep it simple

No doubt blood donation is important. If you’re a volunteer or blood drive coordinator, you’re probably trying to brainstorm new ideas to make it easy for donors to come on down. If you haven’t tried online scheduling, start your free trial or contact the CalendarSpots team for a demo.

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