Online scheduling software helps massage therapists reduce their stress

Massage therapists are proud of the fact that they help people live better and healthier lives. That’s the comment I hear the most frequently from my massage therapist clients.

In 2014, the American Massage Therapy Association reported that 23% of individuals that participated in their survey received a massage to deal primarily with stress. That’s why it’s so important for practitioners to create a zen environment for their clients. Proper decor and lighting are often taken care of, but can therapists hope to keep their zen attitude while keeping up with the daily demands of their job?

In the case of massage therapists, one of the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating administrative tasks is managing appointments. It can create a lot of stress and frustration to have to worry about answering the phone when you’re in session. Dealing with an answering machine full of messages doesn’t help either.

Since 2009, CalendarSpots has helped massage therapists manage their practice more efficiently. Our goal is to help you focus on what’s really important: Dedicating your time to helping your clients.

online appointment scheduling for massage therapists

Here’s how we do it…

1 – Allow your customers to book their own appointments online

Answering the phone is a hassle when your hands are busy massaging. With CalendarSpots, you get your very own online portal that displays your services and availabilities. Instead of calling, your clients can book their own appointment using your real-time schedule at any time. Your clients will love you for giving them the possibility to instantly book an appointment outside of regular work hours.

2 – Reduce no-shows

It happens that people forget about an appointment, especially for follow-up treatments. That’s why CalendarSpots allows you to send automated confirmations and reminders to your clients to reduce no-shows. Stop losing business to avoidable situations!

3 - Manage your practice anywhere you go

Take advantage of the power of the cloud. You can manage your appointments at any time or place as long as you have an internet-enabled device. CalendarSpots is optimized to work for desktop, laptops, and smartphones. This feature especially benefits RMTs that offer at-home or at-the-office chair massage services.

4 - Search your client database efficiently

CalendarSpots gives you your very own customer database. You can easily search for contact information, future appointments, past appointments, notes, and much more. Our goal is for you to have all relevant customer information at your fingertips. You can even manage client health forms directly from our software.

5 – Evaluate your business with reports

Your appointments contain a lot of useful data. Our software allows you to make sense of all this information by creating insightful reports. For instance, you can generate exportable reports based on revenue, hours worked, number of massages performed, and client profiles.

Try it free!

These are just some of the many benefits that online appointment scheduling has to offer to massage therapists. Start your free trial today to see what you’re missing. We’ll get rid of the headache so you can work on the body aches!

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