Even pets can’t deny the benefits of online booking

The bond we build with our pets is undeniable. Who can resist their unconditional love? It’s no surprise that pet ownership in North America has more than tripled since the 70s and with it the number of pet stores, veterinary clinics, pet hotels, pet spas and other pet services…even pet insurance!

Many animal lovers have made successful careers as pet groomers, helping others care for their cats or dogs.  Since most pet grooming services are offered by local micro businesses with little resources, successful time management is key. A web-based scheduling software may be all you need to get organized!

Doggy Day Care

If you offer pet sitting services at your place of business, there are 2 important things to manage:

  • Maximum Capacity – If your space can only accommodate 10 dogs, you’ll need to make sure you  don’t accept anymore at any given time. Is there a fail-proof way to track this right now?
  • Drop off times – Pet owners are most likely all going to be dropping off their pets at the same time usually early in the morning before they start their day. Do you have the capacity to handle all pets arriving at the same time? Does it make sense to give pet owners a designated time for drop off to make sure people aren’t waiting too long

Online scheduling software can help you manage these requirements so you don’t end up biting off more than you can chew.

Pet Grooming

Many grooming services are of short duration, for example, nail trimming. However, you may still require your clients to book an appointment to help better plan your time. Appointments of short duration, often translate into a high volume of appointments which can get tricky to manage with a pen and paper. Allowing your clients to book such services online frees up your telephone line and stores appointment information in an organized fashion onto your online calendar.

Pet owners even get an appointment reminder by email or text message to make sure they don’t forget to bring in their pet.

On-site Services

Certain services like dog walking may require you to travel to your client’s home. Many online scheduling software permit you to add a padding time to appointments. Planing travel time is just as important as planning the time required for the appointment itself. It allows you to make it to your next appointment on time and will minimize disruption to your timetable for the rest of your day.

Try it free!

These are just some of the many benefits that online appointment scheduling has to offer to pet groomers. Start your free trial today to see what you’re missing. We offer telephone training and will even help you set up your account based on your specific needs!

Hello, My name is Gianna Ricciardi and I am obsessed with being organized, efficient and productive at all times. It's no wonder I helped found CalendarSpots to help small businesses manage their appointments more efficiently too! On this blog, I will be posting tips to help all types of small businesses SAVE time and MAKE money. I'll also share some interesting ways to use our online scheduling software.
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