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Since 2009, CalendarSpots.com has been proud to offer flexible and robust online scheduling software. The key to our success is our customers! That’s why we listen closely to our clients’ needs and continually release enhancements and new features. In fact, our last software update included several new features. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Workshops and other group bookings

Our workshop module allows you to manage registration for any group event or classes

The initial version of our workshop module has been available for several months to a group of clients who have accepted to provide feedback. We are now proud to officially launch this feature to all.

The module can be added to any of our packages. The cost of the module depends on the number of maximum bookings per workshop:

  •     $ 5 per month for workshops with 10 participants or less
  •     $ 10 per month for workshops with 25 participants or less

To try it for free for 30 days, please contact the Support Team.

Receipts for insurance purposes

Insurance companies require that therapists be a member in good standing of a professional order or a recognized association. For this reason, it is now possible to add the name of the order / association and the member ID on the receipt that is produced by our software.

Information that appears on receipts:

  • Client name
  • Date of treatment
  • Type pf treatment
  • Duration of treatment
  • Cost (with sales tax , if applicable)
  • Name of therapist
  • Name of clinic
  • Clinic address and contact info
  • Member identification number
  • Name of association

To enable these fields, please contact the Support Team.

Customer Forms

It is now possible to create custom forms for managing your client files electronically.

We offer two main types of forms:

  •     Client Registration/Questionnaire – Client can complete the form online when booking their first appointment or at your clinic using an Ipad
  •     Treatment Notes – Therapist completes the form using keyboard or stylus

All forms are fully customized according to your needs. If you would like to try this module, send us your existing paper forms that we will use to create the electronic form.

The cost of the module depends on the options selected. We invite you to contact us for complete details.

More to come

Stay tuned for more new features including Waiting List Management. Our automated email appointment reminders will also undergo a makeover!

Hello, We are your friendly CalendarSpots support team! We are happy to hear from you anytime and will be posting all our software updates and tips on this blog.
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