How to create and manage a waiting list

Does it ever happen that a client needs a specific service or appointment with a particular staff that is fully booked. You don’t want to lose their business so you offer to keep them posted if any cancellations come up.  But how do you keep track of these clients that are on stand by?

CalendarSpots has just released Waiting List Management, another great feature to boost your productivity! So exactly how do you set up and manage a waiting list?

You may have noticed a new tab in your account called Waiting List. Click on it, then on Add Waiting List and this is what you’ll see:

add clients to waiting list for next available appointment


Three simple steps and you’re done:

  1. Give your list a name. This is especially important if you are planning on having many different waiting lists.
  2. Select the default staff. This can help speed up the booking process as clients on the waiting list will automatically be associated to this staff. However at the time of booking, you will be able to change the staff if required. If every client can potentially be associated to a different staff, we recommend you click No assigned staff.
  3. Don’t forget to click save!

You will now see your waiting list under the View Waiting Lists sub-header. You can click Add Client to start building your list.

Also keep your eyes open for more enhancements to this great feature in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

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