Staff Reminders

Do staff ever ask you for a list of their appointments for the day? We now have a way to send a daily automated email reminder to staff which includes a list of their appointments.

Here’s how it works:

  • Automated email reminders can be set to go out either the day before (morning, afternoon or evening) or the day of (morning)
  • The email will include the total number of appointments for the day as well as a PDF attachment
  • The PDF is a list of the appointments with the day, time, service and client name
  • You may choose to display the appointments in chronological order (time fo appointment) or by staff (Note: Only administrators, managers, receptionists and observers may receive the list of appointments for all employees)
  • Workshops do not count towards the total number of appointments and are not listed in the PDF; this will be part of a future update

Who can enable staff reminders?

  • Staff can opt to receive daily reminders for their own appointments by accessing My Profile
  • Administrators can enable daily reminders for staff members by accessing the staff profiles under Settings-Staff


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