Control staff access to the scheduling software

CalendarSpots is a shared calendar program designed for access by multiple types of users. Overall, our online scheduling software allows for efficient management of schedules, appointments and clients by providing safe and secure access to different team members.

Make sure your appointment data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Get to know the six different user types and provide each employee with the type of access that is best suited based on their respective roles and responsabilities.

staff access to the scheduling software

You can assign a user type by accessing the employee profile. Go to Settings-Staff and select Edit next to the appropriate staff name. The user type choices appear in the first section of the staff form right under the staff name and contact details.

Note: The default user type is Resource. This is the only user type that does not require an email address. The employee’s email address serves as their user login ID.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add a new staff member to your account and provide them with access to your online calendar, consult our “how to add a staff member” guide.

For security reasons, please ensure that each employee has their own user ID and is not sharing their access with others. Each employee is responsible for keeping their password safe. If an employees leaves your organization, immediately delete their access.

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