How to book a repeating appointment?

A repeating appointment is essentially a series of appointments that reoccur at a pre-established frequency. For example, after an injury, your doctor may request that you have an appointment every week for a 3 month period with the physiotherapist.

CalendarSpots allows you to book and manage repeating appointments. Overall the process is similar to booking a single appointment, aside from 1 key difference.

This post explains how to create repeating appointments by modifying the settings in the appointment details window.

Step 1. Access your Calendar 

From the Planners tab, select the Staff Day Planner or Week Planner.

Step 2. Create an Appointment

Hover over the appointment time for a given employee on the date you wish to begin your series of appointments. Left-click and drag the mouse down to the appointment end time. Release the left mouse button. An appointment details window will open.

book your appointments using scheduling software

Step 3.  Set the Appointment Details

Select the the Service, verify the Duration, select the Client.

(If you have rooms enabled, you must also select one at this step.)select appointment details










Step 4. Create a Recurring Series

1- Click on the Repeats drop box to view selections.

2- Select the desired appointment frequency from the list (daily, weekly, every second week, every third week or monthly).book a recurring appointment series




3- Once the frequency is selected, click on the Until date-picker box.

4- Select the Month, Year, and Day that you wish to end the series on. range selection for repeating appointments




Step 5. Don’t forget to Save.

The appointment booking scheduler verifies if any appointments in the series could be in conflict with other appointments that have already been scheduled. A pop-up window will confirm any conflicts.


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