Subscribing to CalendarSpots in Outlook, Google Calendar, and on your iOS Devices

Did you know you can sync your appointments with other calendar applications? This is useful as a way to back-up appointments or simply to conveniently access the details of your schedule from different devices.

Once you have generated your private URL, it’s easy to link your CalendarSpots appointments to other calendar applications automatically.

Here are the steps:

Subscribing to CalendarSpots in Outlook:

  1.       Copy your private URL
  2.       Sign in to your Outlook
  3.       Go to your Calendar
  4.       Click on Import
  5.       Click on Subscribe
  6.       Paste your private URL in Calendar URL box
  7.       Name the calendar CalendarSpots
  8.       Choose a color
  9.       Click on Subscribe

Subscribing to CalendarSpots on your iPhone/iPad:

  1.  Copy your private URL to your iOS device. An easy way to do this is by emailing it to yourself from your computer.   
  2.  Go to Settings
  3.  Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  4.  Choose Add Account
  5.  Choose Other
  6.  Choose Add Subscribed Calendar
  7.  Paste the private URL in the Server textbox
  8.  Enter CalendarSpots in Description textbox
  9. Choose Next
  10. Choose Save

Subscribing to CalendarSpots in Google Calendar:

  1. Copy your private URL
  2. Sign in to Google
  3. Go to Calendar
  4. Click on the arrow to the right of Other calendars.
  5. Select Add by URL
  6. Paste the private URL
  7. Click Add Calendar
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