Managing family members

You may have clients that are members of the same family and share the same email address. Or perhaps a parent needs to book and manage appointments for their minor children. Here’s how to do it!

Let’s use the example of the Thompson-Jones family. Click on the CLIENTS tab to access your client database. If you wish to pull up family members with the name Thompson as well as Jones, just indicate both names in the search box separated by a comma.

Note: Each family member must have their own client profile in your database.

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The search results located Johnny, Mary, Matthew, and Cynthia. At the far right, click Options to open the drop down menu and select Edit Profile.

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Scroll down to the second section titled Family. You will see a list of all family members associated to Matthew.

If you wish to add a family member, click Select Client to access the database and add another family member. Indicate the type of relationship (spouse, parent or child) using the drop down menu.

If you want Matthew to be able to book appointments on behalf of any of his family members and/or to receive email appointment reminders, make sure to tick the appropriate boxes. Then click Add and Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

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How can a client book an appointment online for another family member?

As long as you have ticked off Can Book Online on the Family section of the client profile as illustrated above, the client may book appointments online for other members of their family.

When the client logs into the portal while booking, the software will ask Who are you booking the appointment for? and a drop down list will display all their family members.

Only the clients that have an email address associated to their profile can log into the system because the username is the email address.


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