Waiting List Management

waiting list managementLast year we launched a new waiting list feature designed to help you retain clients during busy periods. Clients who are unable to find a time slot that’s convenient for them are added to the waiting list. When cancellations occur, you can refer back to the list and quickly fill those empty time slots. It’s a win-win: Clients get the time slot they are looking for, and you keep your schedule full.

Due to the popularity of this feature, we are happy to announce the following enhancements:

  • Clients can add themselves to the waiting list online, indicating their preferences for an appointment.
  • Morning, afternoon, evening, or anytime options are now available for the waiting list preferences.
  • Clients on your waiting list automatically receive email notifications when a cancellation occurs and are invited to book online

Here’s a quick overview of how to use the Waiting List Tool.

Creating your waiting lists

  • While a master waiting list is created by default, you can create as many variations as desired (ex. waiting lists by staff, by service, etc). To create a waiting list go to Waiting List – Add Waiting List. You can associate a particular staff member to that list, or keep it open to any staff.
  • If waiting list management has been enabled online, client requests will be automatically added to the master waiting list. You can move online requests to other more specific waiting lists or keep them in the master list. To enable the online waiting list go to Settings-Advanced-System and scroll down to the Appointments section.

Adding a client to a waiting list

From the Waiting List tab, select View Waiting Lists and click Add Client to the right of your waiting list.

add client to waiting list


Add your client to the list and select from a wide range of appointment preferences (date, date range, month, or day of the week). You may also add your own additional notes.

Waiting List Preferences


If waiting list management has been enabled online, clients will be prompted to add themselves to the waiting list during the online booking process if the desired dates/times requested for a particular staff are not available. Clients can select from a wide range of appointment preferences (date, date range, month, or day of the week) and add notes before submitting their request.

Using the Staff Planner, Room Planner or Week Planner

While using the staff, room or week planners, if a client is on the waiting list for the date that you have navigating to, the following icon shall be displayed. waiting list

Hovering over the icon shall display some of the names of clients that are waiting to be booked.

This icon subtly reminds you that you have clients waiting for an appointment. For a more prominent cue, you may also choose to enable pop-ups whenever an appointment is canceled, To enable pop-ups, go to Settings-Advanced-System. Scroll down to Appointments section and tick off Display popup when cancelling appointments and clients are on the waiting list

Booking an appointment for a client on a waiting list

You may choose to offer newly available time slots (due to cancellations) to clients on the waiting list before they become available online to the general public. To do this, go to Settings-Advanced-System and tick off Automatically block time when cancelling appointments and clients are on the waiting list.

To book an appointment for a client on a waiting list, follow the same procedure as a normal appointment. When clicking and dragging on the calendar to create the appointment, you will see an option to select a client from a waiting list.

book appointment for client from waiting list



When selecting a client from the waiting list and booking an appointment, they will automatically be removed from the list.



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