Pacific Blue Cross Makes it Possible to Book your Flu Vaccination Online

Pacific Blue CrossEach year, an estimated 10% to 25% of Canadians will suffer from the flu. Pacific Blue Cross has launched an onsite Flu Clinic Program to make sure that their clients’ members are not part of that statistic.

Pacific Blue Cross helps employers organize flu clinics that improve the health of their employees by providing a cost-effective solution for the Flu Season. Through their partnership with CalendarSpots, they’ve even launched easy-to-use online appointment booking portal for flu vaccinations.

I’m excited to have had the opportunity to chat with Laura Dale, Program Manager of Health and Wellness at Pacific Blue Cross. Through my Q&A session, I learned more about what motivated Pacific Blue Cross to offer online scheduling for flu vaccinations and the benefits it has yielded.

Q: In the past, how were appointments for your flu clinics being managed?

A: Workplaces have traditionally required employees to sign-up for an appointment using a sign-up sheet. These sign-up sheets, whether they are digital or paper-based, are administratively cumbersome. With challenges such as multiple versions, appointment cancellations, and illegible penmanship, employers have been seeking alternate solutions.

Q: What where some of the frustrations experienced before online scheduling was made available?

A: Low-tech solutions for booking flu clinics cause inefficiencies for both the client and the employee. Common frustrations expressed by employees include missed appointment times and re-scheduling challenges.

For the employer, using outdated appointment scheduling techniques prevented centralization of clinic organization. Employers at multi-location workplaces are unable to efficiently manage flu clinic programs and direct employees to different workplace-flu clinics.

To provide the best service to clients, the Health and Wellness Department at Pacific Blue Cross invested in a flu clinic solution that not only helped employees book appointments, but helped manage the Flu Clinic service providers’ (i.e., clinicians’) schedules. The scaling-up of services allow Pacific Blue Cross to offer Flu Clinics at a reduced cost to the employer, without sacrificing flexibility or quality of service.

Q: What has been the key benefit for you?

A: In 2016 Pacific Blue Cross successfully hosted more than 350 flu clinics across British Columbia. Coordinating flu clinics for large multi-site employer groups was only possible through the utilization of the CalendarSpots scheduling software.

The online CalendarSpots Flu Clinic Platform gives Pacific Blue Cross Health and Wellness Program Managers live access to client registration, aggregate data and appointment management.

Key benefits of CalendarSpots’ functionalities include the addition of a mapping feature to search and sort clinics across the province. This allows us to direct employees to certain locations, remove locations from the map that are no longer available, and remove full clinics from generalized searching.

online appointment booking for multiple clinic locations


Q: When selecting an online scheduling software what where your top considerations?

A: As a relatively new venture for Pacific Blue Cross, we needed to work with a company with online scheduling expertise. Working with Dominic and the CalendarSpots Team allowed us to create a flexible product with robust analysis capabilities to measure the success of our program.

We were interested in creating standardized and custom reports to identify trends/aggregate usage and track attendance to ensure that we are constantly improving our Flu Clinic program.

Q: What do you love about CalendarSpots?

online appointment scheduling softwareA: Working with CalendarSpots is a fast and convenient process. The team behind the scenes promptly answers questions and goes above and beyond for their clients.

CalendarSpots being a Canadian Company with servers located in Vancouver is extremely important for both Pacific Blue Cross and our Canadian clients.

The flexible and knowledgeable individuals at CalendarSpots take projects to a new level, beyond the expectations of the purchasing party. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the CalendarSpots team.


Hello, I am Dominic Iafigliola, a software engineer turned entrepreneur. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with small and large businesses to successfully deploy software applications. It wasn't long before I designed and launched my very own SAAS scheduling software. Nowadays I help businesses around the world save time booking appointments and managing schedules. I am fascinated by technology and will share tips on what's new and how you can use technology in your day-to-day.
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