Smart Scheduling for Tax Season

Tax season is already well under way. For many CPAs that means little sleep until the end of April. With long hours up ahead and frequent weekends at the office, it’s important to get organized and reduce administrative tasks like scheduling which eat into your day.

Utilizing the web is a smarter way to go about scheduling for accountants. In this post, we’ll show you how to use an online calendar software to automate important tasks during this hectic period. You’ll be happy you took a few minutes off your busy schedule to read this article. It will save you countless hours this tax season, we promise!

Be strategic in setting up your online booking portal

Think about how many touch-points you have with each client during tax season. Set up different services to represent each type of appointment, or touch-point, you may have (whether it be an in-person or virtual meeting). Avoid generic terms like Appointment and opt for more specific expressions like Document Drop-off Meeting or Document Pick-up Meeting. You’ll want to be as clear as possible to avoid questions or confusion from clients.

Include important announcements or messages in the portal header (likes deadlines), so you won’t have to constantly repeat yourself.

Online appointment booking portal for CPAs

Online appointment booking portal for CPAs

Be proactive: get clients to book their appointments sooner rather than later

One of the reasons tax season is so hectic is because of the large amount of people requiring the services of an accountant all at once. Individuals also tend to leave this daunting task to the last minute which means even more work for you in a very short period of time. Get them thinking about their responsibility to file early on.

In January, send out an email to all your clients inviting them to prepare their documents and book an appointment for income tax preparation as soon as possible. Include a list of required documents as well as a link to your booking portal so they can select the day and time of the meeting.

Remind, remind, remind!

When the client selects an appointment, they will receive a confirmation like this one.

Email appointment confirmation for income tax preparation

Email appointment confirmation for income tax preparation

The scheduling software will also send out an appointment reminder prior to the date. You should also include the list of required documents in the reminder email. Automated reminders do not take up any of your time and are a great way to reduce no shows as well as make the scheduled meetings more productive by ensuring all required documentation has been provided.

Managing appointments during tax season doesn’t have to add to your stress! An online appointment scheduling software can automate the process making it easy for clients and boosting your productivity.

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