How to setup workshops in your calendar

Do you organize workshops and need to offer group booking online? Here’s how to setup your account.

First make sure the group booking module has been activated in your account. Go to Settings-Account-Account Info and make sure Group Sessions is enabled. If not, contact us to activate this feature.

Create your workshop profiles

Go to Settings-Workshops-Add Category to create a category. Your category can be as simple as Workshops.

Go to Settings-Workshops-Add Workshops to create your workshop profile. Be sure to add a workshop name, maximum capacity and duration.

set up your workshop

Scroll down and continue completing the form. Pricing is optional. If you wish to enable online cancellation or booking, please also tick off these options and select the appropriate settings. At the end of the form, you may also personalize the appointment confirmation email. Don’t forget to Save before leaving the page.

Determine workshop date/times

Return to the calendar by existing the Settings. Navigate to the specific date/time that you wish to schedule a workshop for.

Click the workshop start time and drag as if you are booking an appointment. When you release the mouse, an appointment box will open. Look to the right an select the Workshops tab from the appointment box. Select the appropriate workshop from the drop down menu and click Save at the bottom of the box.

schedule your workshops


Note: If you offer this workshop regularly, you can select a recurrence from the drop down menu next to Repeats. This will create a series of workshops at the same time at the selected frequency for a given period of time.

Your workshop will appear in a colored box on the calendar with a number in the top right corner. This represents the number of clients that have registered for the workshop or class. By hovering over the box with your mouse, you can view additional details regarding your workshop.

scheduling workshops


If you wish to add a client to the workshop, simply double-click the box to open and select Add to access your client database.

adding clients to your workshop



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