Payment Tracking

Did you know that CalendarSpots allows you to balance your cash register by keeping track of your influx of payments?

Our Payment Tracking Module is available in all of our packages at no extra cost. To activate Payment Tracking, go to Settings – Account – Account Info.

Tracking Payment Details

From the calendar, just double-click the appointment box to open it. At the far right, select the Payments tab to add payment details to your appointment. track payment details

Sales Tax

To set up your sales tax go to Settings – Locations – Edit and scroll down to Currency and Taxes. You can set up to 2 different sales taxes.

In the box under the Tax Information heading, you can also indicate your tax numbers or any additional information you wish for your clients to see. The text you enter in this box will automatically appear on the receipts, as is.

calculate sales tax

Generating Reports

When Payment Tracking is enabled, you can also produce a Payment Report. Go to Reports – Payment. This report includes the following information:

  • Cash flow
  • Sales tax
  • Payment type

The report can be extracted in 2 formats: Subtotals by service (print report or extract as CSV file) or as a list of transactions (extract as CSV file).


The following information automatically appears on your receipts:

  • Client name
  • Service type
  • Service date
  • Duration of service
  • Cost (including breakdown of sales tax, if enabled)
  • Staff name
  • Business name
  • Business address and contact information

For businesses in the Health sector whose services are eligible for reimbursement under private health insurance plans, it is also possible to activate additional fields :

  • Name of professional association or order
  • Member number

To activate these fields, you must email or call us.

Once the fields are activated, you must go to Settings – Staff – Edit and scroll down to Photo and Bio to enter the association/order and member number for each team member.

Printing Receipts

Print or PDF the receipt for your client. Double-click the appointment box to open it. From the Details tab, click the Print Receipt link at the bottom of the box.

print receipt


Emailing Receipts

It is also possible to email a copy of the receipt. Double-click the appointment box to open it. At the far right, select the Payments tab.

email receipt

Make sure to tick off that payment has been completed and then click Send Receipt. There must be a valid email address on file. Receipt can not be emailed if payment has not been completed.

Hello, We are your friendly CalendarSpots support team! We are happy to hear from you anytime and will be posting all our software updates and tips on this blog.
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