Automating SMS appointment reminders

By the end of this year, the number of smartphone users is estimated to reach 224.3 million in the United States and exceed 2 billion worldwide (according to Statistica). With so many smartphone users, why not send your appointment reminders by text message? It’s a simple and effective way to reach your customers, and much more cost effective than confirming your appointments verbally over the phone.

Text message reminders, or SMS (for Short Messaging System), can be added to any of our packages. Simply contact the support team to activate this feature. The cost varies depending on your use.

Initial Setup
Go to Settings – Advanced – Messaging. Under Reminders, check Enable SMS Reminders. Save at the bottom of the page.

sms appointment reminders

Specify customer preference

There are several ways for your customer to signify their interest in receiving their appointment reminders by text message.

Option 1 – via the customer portal

The customer can check the SMS box when creating his/her account online, or when booking appointments online (if customer accounts are disabled).

Option 2 – via the staff portal

If the client calls to set his appointment, a member of your team can check the SMS box on the customer’s profile, or when creating the appointment (if it’s the first appointment).

Go to Clients – Options – Advanced Settings.

Check off Send SMS Reminders. Do not forget to save at the bottom of the page.

sms appointment reminders

Once the option is checked at the customer’s profile, it will be active unless otherwise specified. No need to access the customer profile for each appointment.


  • You are only charged for SMS that are used
  • If the customer does not opt ​​for an SMS, he can still receive an appointment reminder by email if this option is enabled in your account. Make sure there is a valid email address in the client’s profile.
  • Employees can also receive text messages for appointments booked or modified with less than 24 hours notice.
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