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Hello, My name is Gianna Ricciardi and I am obsessed with being organized, efficient and productive at all times. It's no wonder I helped found CalendarSpots to help small businesses manage their appointments more efficiently too! On this blog, I will be posting tips to help all types of small businesses SAVE time and MAKE money. I'll also share some interesting ways to use our online scheduling software.

Smart Scheduling for Tax Season

Tax season is already well under way. For many CPAs that means little sleep until the end of April. With long hours up ahead and frequent weekends at the office, it’s important to get organized and reduce administrative tasks like scheduling which eat into your day.

Utilizing the web is a smarter way to go about scheduling for accountants. In this post, we’ll show you how to use an online calendar software to automate important tasks during this hectic period. You’ll be happy you took a few minutes off your busy schedule to read this article. It will save you countless hours this tax season, we promise! Continue reading

Even pets can’t deny the benefits of online booking

The bond we build with our pets is undeniable. Who can resist their unconditional love? It’s no surprise that pet ownership in North America has more than tripled since the 70s and with it the number of pet stores, veterinary clinics, pet hotels, pet spas and other pet services…even pet insurance!

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Blood donation clinics benefit from online appointment booking

The American Red Cross lists very interesting facts about blood donation on their website. For example, did you know that every 2 seconds someone in the USA will need blood? That’s why raising awareness and organizing blood drives is an ongoing effort.

The risks to blood donors are minimal and the benefits to patients are immense – and yet we don’t all think of donating our blood.

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Is there place for the telephone in the treatment room?

A friend of mine shared an experience she had during her last massage. It seems that half way through her treatment, the telephone rang and the therapist leaned over to answer. This got me thinking:

Is it appropriate for a licensed massage therapist to answer the phone during treatment? Continue reading

No shows can be costly for a service-based business

Do your clients sometimes forget their appointments? Or perhaps they forget to advise you of last minute changes? These clients are commonly known as “no shows” causing significant loss of productivity and a direct hit to revenue. Continue reading

Make your Book Online button more effective

Most service-based businesses rely on filling appointments to maximize revenue. But many businesses don’t make it clear on their website exactly how clients can go about booking appointments. Can they email you? Should they call between a specific time frame? If they leave a voice message, how long will it take to get a response? What about texting?

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Cub Cleaners manages irregular schedules with online scheduling software

Cub Cleaners is a unique business that offers professional home cleaning services – with a sexy twist! Based out of free-spirited Portland, Oregon it’s not surprising that this business came to be. I had a great chat with Cubmaster Buck learning about this quirky city and discussing how our web calendar software helps manage the cubs’ schedules. Continue reading