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The little things do matter: a simple act to make your clients feel appreciated


I bought a new car three years ago. Even though I was happy with my purchase, I did not have any particular loyalty towards the dealership I dealt with.

A couple of months passed and it was my birthday. I was having lunch with some friends when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was my car dealer. Continue reading

Syncing your professional appointments with your iPhone/iPad calendar

More than ever, it’s important to stay connected and access information quickly. Your CalendarSpots account provides an overview of all your business’ appointments. Staff can also login on the go from an iPhone or iPad to view and update appointment information. However, they may prefer to see all their professional and personal appointments all in one calendar. This blog post explains how staff can sync their professional appointments to their iPhone or iPad by subscribing to the iCalendar URL. Continue reading

Make your Book Online button more effective

Most service-based businesses rely on filling appointments to maximize revenue. But many businesses don’t make it clear on their website exactly how clients can go about booking appointments. Can they email you? Should they call between a specific time frame? If they leave a voice message, how long will it take to get a response? What about texting?

Continue reading

Whitelisting – Ensuring emails from specific domains go to your Inbox

Whitelisting is important

As email users, we all receive quite a bit of spam. These are unsolicited, undesired emails often promising low cost Viagara or penis enlargement. To help us filter through this unsolicited mail, email providers have set up spam filters. These proprietary spam filters will automatically send certain email to your SPAM box. This helps keep our Inbox “clean”. Continue reading