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Add colour to your life!

Color is a great tool for self-expression.

As a small business or self-employed professional, it’s so important to let your personality shine. This will help you stand out from the competition and make your brand more recognizable.

The CalendarSpots team is happy to release a software update that does just that!

We now offer an unlimited amount of color combinations to help you highlight and express your corporate image through your online appointment booking portal!

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Set your preferred calendar display times

If you’re the type of trigger-happy person that tends to go on scrolling frenzies, you may have sometimes ended up scrolling up and down the calendars to unruly time slots such as midnight or 3:00 AM! If this has made you feel disoriented, don’t worry. We’re all about improving online appointment scheduling for all our users – and we have heard you! Continue reading

Managing sales tax exemptions

Sales taxes and the rules that govern them vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. CalendarSpots allows you to set up your tax rate to better track revenue and sales tax remittances to government authorities. However, in some situations a business may offer multiple services, including services that are exempt from sales tax and others that are not. Continue reading

Welcome to our Blog

This is CalendarSpots’ first official blog post! is an online scheduling software that makes it simple for the smallest businesses to accept appointments online, while managing complex internal scheduling requirements. In other words, we make scheduling EASY PEASY. So what does blogging have to do with that? Continue reading