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No shows can be costly for a service-based business

Do your clients sometimes forget their appointments? Or perhaps they forget to advise you of last minute changes? These clients are commonly known as “no shows” causing significant loss of productivity and a direct hit to revenue. Continue reading

The first step in growing your business is NOT by adding more patients!

We all want a full schedule when we own a business, whether that be full of patients, customers, or clients, all of these mean the same thing. We want to make money! In a dental office for example, there are a few key things that should be done to ensure you are seeing the most possible patients in a day. Continue reading

Syncing your professional appointments with your iPhone/iPad calendar

More than ever, it’s important to stay connected and access information quickly. Your CalendarSpots account provides an overview of all your business’ appointments. Staff can also login on the go from an iPhone or iPad to view and update appointment information. However, they may prefer to see all their professional and personal appointments all in one calendar. This blog post explains how staff can sync their professional appointments to their iPhone or iPad by subscribing to the iCalendar URL. Continue reading