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Online scheduling software helps massage therapists reduce their stress

Massage therapists are proud of the fact that they help people live better and healthier lives. That’s the comment I hear the most frequently from my massage therapist clients.

In 2014, the American Massage Therapy Association reported that 23% of individuals that participated in their survey received a massage to deal primarily with stress. That’s why it’s so important for practitioners to create a zen environment for their clients. Proper decor and lighting are often taken care of, but can therapists hope to keep their zen attitude while keeping up with the daily demands of their job? Continue reading

Is there place for the telephone in the treatment room?

A friend of mine shared an experience she had during her last massage. It seems that half way through her treatment, the telephone rang and the therapist leaned over to answer. This got me thinking:

Is it appropriate for a licensed massage therapist to answer the phone during treatment? Continue reading