Online Forms

Manage registration forms, consultations forms, appointment forms and customer reviews.

web calendars and shared calendars for staff

Different Forms for different purposes

Setup registration forms for new clients or forms for specific services.

Once the feature is activated, you can use forms in the following way:
  • Request first-time clients to fill out a registration form online prior to their first appointment
  • Go digital with your treatment notes and use your tablet or computer to fill them out
  • Gather necessary information at the time of booking for specific appointments
  • Get feedback from customers after they have attended their appointments
online forms for tablets

Forms can be Filled out on Computers or Tablets

Let clients fill out forms on their own

Notify clients that a form is pending prior to an appointment or let them fill out a form on a tablet.

Clients can easily fill out forms online as the interface is mobile and tablet friendly. For registration forms, the process is simple and friendly. After creating a user account, clients are requested to fill out the registration form. However they can do so at a later time so to not stop them from booking an appointment. In addition, you can also let clients fill out registration forms upon their arrival by setting a tablet or computer in Client Mode. Client Mode locks the application so that the client can fill out the form prior to their appointment.
online appointment forms

Online Appointment Forms

Manage forms internally

Staff can easily fill out forms using a computer or tablet.

Forms can also be used for consultation forms and treatment notes. First we can assist with digitizing your paper forms. We can recreate pretty much any type of form. Once your form is available within your account, you can then create forms during treatments and fill them out via a computer or tablet. Forms can even include diagrams that allow you to draw notes on them.
online treatment notes

Internal Form Editor for Consultation Forms and Treatment Notes
Appointment forms can also be easily accessed and edited by staff members via the appointment details window.
online appointment form editor

Internal Form Editor for Appointment Forms


Online forms are an extra feature that can be added to any account. Contact us for more information or if you would like to activate the feature.

To Activate


Registration Forms, Online Forms, Appointment Forms and Customer Feedback Forms*
Limit of 500 forms
Form Limit Increases

$5/month/5000 forms

To increase your form limit, each additional increase of 5000 forms
costs an additional $5 per month
* Feedback forms are still not available in the application but are coming soon.

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