$ 15/month

1 employee
1 location
Unlimited Appointments
Unlimited E-mail Notifcations and Reminders
E-mail and Telephone Support Available

$ 30/month

3 employees
3 rooms
1 location
Unlimited Appointments
Unlimited E-mail Notifcations and Reminders
E-mail and Telephone Support Available

$ 45/month

9 employees
9 rooms
1 location
Unlimited Appointments
Unlimited E-mail Notifcations and Reminders
E-mail and Telephone Support Available

$ 60/month

15 employees
15 rooms
5 locations
Unlimited Appointments
Unlimited E-mail Notifcations and Reminders
E-mail and Telephone Support Available

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online appointment booking software features and pricing

Essential Features

All plans include these essential features to help you save time, make money and increase productivity. Request pricing for additional staff, rooms or locations.

Smart Appointment Planners
With daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views, you and your staff efficiently book appointments using our mobile-friendly Smart Planners. More info
Configurable Calendars
Each user can configure how they wish to use the calendars. Set the default view, size of text, hours to display and more.
Online Booking Portal
Your clients securely book appointments 24/7 by accessing your dedicated Customer Portal. Pre-program a wide variety of scheduling rules so that clients book appointments on your terms. More info
Waiting Lists
Add clients to waiting lists to keep track of client appointment requests.
Appointment Notifications and Reminders
Make sure your clients have easy access to their appointment details and reduce no shows with email notifications and reminders. Reminders can also be sent via text message. More info
Appointment Confirmations
Improve efficiency and make sure your clients are coming to their appointment by enabling appointment confirmations. Clients can reply to text message reminders or click a button within their email reminders to confirm their attendance. More info
Payment Tracking for Appointments
and Receipts
Track if an appointment is paid or not. You can then send a receipt via e-mail or print it out. Clients can also access their appointment history online and print receipts for past appointments.
Appointment Package Management
Let the system track package redemptions for time-based and/or session based packages that you offer.
Easy Appointment Searching
Use the Search Tool to find specific appointments based on a wide array of search criteria or search for the client within the client database to access his/her upcominig appointments.
Staff Schedules
Set a regular schedule, an upcoming schedule or even an irregular schedule to track staff availability. More info
Room Availabilities
Track room availability and prevent booking errors when several staff are sharing rooms or when specific rooms are required for certain services. Also use this feature to manage room reservations when staff presence is not required. More info
Multiple Locations
Manage the schedules for all your business locations from the same account.
Client Database
Store and access important client data including contact information, appointment history, upcoming appointments, notes and other useful info. More info
Family Associations and Secondary Contacts
Allow a family member to book an appointment on behalf of their child and receive email confirmation and reminders. Or simply set a secondary contact to receive e-mail notifcations as well.
Create groups to manage similar clients.
Sync your customer database with your MailChimp account to ensure all your clients are receiving your latest news and promos. If you use another newsletter editor, you can also extract distribution lists based on different criteria. More info
Staff Photos and Bios
Show off your team and allow clients to learn more about your staff at the time of booking.
Staff Privileges
Each staff member gets their own login information. You choose between 6 different types of access so you can be sure that employees are accessing the right information safely and securely.
Staff Client Associations
Limit clients to specific staff members who can schedule appointments for themselves.
Email Notifications and Staff Reminders
Make sure your staff receive appointment details by email as appointments get booked. Enable reminders so that staff are alerted of the number of appointments in a given day. More info
Synchronisation with Personal Calendars
Allow your staff to sync their appointments to their personal calendar so all their appointments are in the same place for easy viewing.
Business Management
Reports and Dashboards
Generate reports to monitor revenue, find out who your best clients are, and which staff member is your top performer. Also generate staff reports to track employee hours.
Printer-Friendly Views
Printer-friendly views make it easy to print appointment summaries for yourself and your staff.
Import/Export Client Data
Easily transfer client data to other software and tools using csv format.
Appointment Backups
We perform regular backups on our servers but this unique feature also allows you to back-up your own appointments by saving them in ical format.

Extra Features

Benefit from these additional features. Sign up now!

appointment reminders via email and text messaging
Text Messages
Send your clients reminders via text message so appointment details are easily accessible from their cellphone. Staff may also receive SMS for last minute appointment changes. This is an extra feature for accounts that require SMS credits to send text messages. More info and pricing
track appointments with online client scheduling software
Workshops and Classes
Manage group session, workshop and class attendance while allow clients to reserve online. Clients can even book several classes at once using our easy-to-use booking portal.More info and pricing
online forms for customer booking software
Registration forms, consultations forms, appointment forms and forms to get feedback from your customers - we have it all. Our forms are tablet friendly and we can even help you convert your custom forms to electronic format.More info and pricing

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1 staff
** Unlimited SMS Reminders


3 staff
** Unlimited SMS Reminders


9 staff
** Unlimited SMS Reminders


* 15 staff
** Unlimited SMS Reminders
* Additional staff can be added to the Pro package. When including extra staff unlimited SMS may no longer be applicable. Please call us for more details.
** Unlimited SMS reminders are only included for accounts in Canada and the United States. Please consult our pricing for SMS credits for accounts outside Canada and the United States. If you do not require SMS reminders, we can provide you pricing for packages without unlimited SMS reminders. Please contact us for more information.

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