Online Scheduling

Manage your staff by easily settings schedules and communicating appointment bookings with our online appointment scheduling software.

online shared calendars for staff scheduling

Manage regular and irregular schedules

Easily manage schedules by creating regular work schedules and/or setting shifts on particular days. is a great staff management tool.

Our online scheduling software allows you to create different regular schedules for employees depending on whether the appointment is booked online or internally. You can also easily block time for last minute schedule changes such as vacation time, absence due to sickness or personal days. Additionally, you can alter the staff's regular schedule for a particular day to either add or remove shifts.

Staff can also be given a predetermined scheduling priority to help you better book staff using the online booking calendars. Our online scheduler will also use the scheduling priorities to determine which staff to select.

Choose between 1, 3, 9 or 15 employees depending on your business needs. Custom pricing for your scheduling needs is also available, if required.
online scheduling using the staff day booking planner

Staff Day Planner

Improve communication between you and your staff

Send notifications to your staff when appointments are booked, modified and/or canceled.

Our appointment scheduling software improves communication between yourself and staff by sending email notifications when appointments are booked and/or canceled for a particular employee.

Text message appointment notifications can also be sent out for appointment bookings and last minute changes completed within a 24 hour notice period. This ensures staff members are aware of last minute schedulings.

In addition to appointment notifications, the scheduling system can also be programmed to send staff reminders detailing the number of appointments he/she has in the day. Staff reminders can be scheduled to be emailed the day before or in the morning.
staff receive appointment scheduling e-mail notifications

Staff E-mail Notifications

Staff can access schedules online at home or on the go

Only provide the necessary access to individual staff members.

Staff members are also given a special user access which allows them to only visualize their own appointments on the appointment booking calendars. You can decide whether a staff can book for themselves or simply view appointments. In addition, you can also limit the client database.
staff scheduling limited to their own appointment calendar

Limited Staff Access

We have several packages to meet your business needs and company size.

Take a look at our features and pricing.