Room Scheduling is unique because it allows for booking appointments based on room and/or resource availability.

online room scheduling

Makes Room Planning More Efficient

Our online scheduler allows you to book appointments based on your room availabilities.

When using the room day planner, you can assign a scheduled staff to the appointment or decide not to assign any staff at the time of booking. Room scheduling priorities can also be set within the service scheduling rules in order to speed up the booking process.

Choose between 3, 9 or 15 rooms depending on your business needs. Custom packages are also available, if required.

Scheduling at Client Location

Our web-based software also makes it possible to book appointments at the client location.

A little "car symbol" on the Appointment Box allows you to quickly visualize which appointments are not performed at your business location on the staff day planner.
room scheduler

Room Day Planner

We have several packages to meet your business needs and company size.

Take a look at our features and pricing.