Your appointments tell a story about your business. Our reports help you manage your business and plan for the future.

appointment reports

Insightful Reports

We provide many ways to track your appointments.

Our reports show you how your business has performed in the past, how it's performing now and potentially what the future has in store. Here are some items that our reports can help you track:

Track your revenue: Do payments received match up with sales? How much taxes must you remit to government authorities?

Track staff appointments: What appointments does a particular staff member have in the following month? How much revenue has a particular staff member generated for a given period?

Track client appointments: How many appointments did a client have during the year?

Using Your Data

Search. View. Print. Extract.

Our reports can be generated at any time and viewed online instantly or printed for future reference. Many reports can also be extracted in csv format allowing you to upload data to accounting software or other tools.

We have several packages to meet your business needs and company size.

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