How To Add a Client

This guide will show you how to add a client to your customer database within your customer scheduling software.

Step 1. Access the "Add Client" form

After selecting the "Client" tab in the customer scheduling software, select the "Add Client" option.
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Please note you can also create a client profile on the fly when creating a new appointment or when adding a new client to a class. However, not all options are available when creating a client on the fly. The "Add Client" form on the other hand contains all options that include family associations, secondary contact details and star ratings.

Step 2. Enter the Client's Details

In the Profile section of the client details form, make sure to enter the required Client details:
  • salutation,
  • first name,
  • and last name
If an email address is entered, please ensure that it is validated: a green check mark will appear if the email address is valid. Phone numbers, birthday, addresses, groups and star rating may also be entered, but are optional. If you want your client to receive a Newsletter, check off the corresponding box to keep track.
Note that at the bottom of the profile Section, there is a section for customer notes. You may enter useful notes about your customers such as preferences or appointment tardiness.
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Step 3. Save Your Changes

Don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save the new client profile within your online customer booking software. If you would like to save the information and also send an email to invite your client to book an appointment online, click on "Save & Invite". When clients receive the invitation email, they will be asked to initialize their password.
saving a client in your customer scheduling software

The "Save & Invite" button is only available if clients actually have accounts to access the online customer booking portal. When the software account is in no client accounts mode, then the "Save & Invite" will not be seen.

If you need assistance with your setup or would like some tips, feel free to touch base.

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