How To Block a Time Slot for a Staff Member

This guide will show you how to ensure a staff member is not available by blocking a time slot within the staff scheduling software.

Step 1. Enter the "Staff Day Planner" Section

After selecting the "Planners" tab in the staff scheduling software, select the "Staff Day Planner" option.
modify a schedule in the staff scheduling software

Step 2. Select The Block Time Details

Select the location, if applicable using the drop down menu to the left of the booking planner. Also select the date using the mini date calendar. The selected date will become blue and schedules for that day will appear on the planners. You may also scroll through the dates using the arrows located above the daily schedule.
locating a date in the appointment management software

Step 3. Highlight the Appointment Block on The Scheduling Calendar

In the column corresponding to the staff member for whom you would like to block time, left-click on the time you want the blocked period to begin. Without releasing the button, drag the cursor to the end time of the blocked period and release the button.
blocking appointment availability on the online scheduling calendar

Step 4. Confirm Blocked Time Details

In the window that appears, click on the "Block Time" tab. Indicate the reason why the staff member cannot be scheduled for appointments. You may also add a note in the text field. Click on save after all the required information has been entered.
blocking an appointment time slot to update the staff scheduling software


  • Once a time slot is blocked, it no longer appears as available on the customer booking portal. Customers will not be able to book an appointment during that time slot.
  • Appointments cannot be booked internally during that time slot.

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