How To Edit Options for Notifications and Reminders

This guide will show you how to edit e-mail notifications and reminders within your appointment reminder software.

Step 1. Select the Service You Wish to Edit

After selecting the "Service" tab in the Settings page, under "View Services" select the service you wish to modify and click on the corresponding "Edit" button.
e-mail notifications for online appointment software

Step 2. Edit Your Appointment Notification and Reminder Options

Scroll to the bottom of the form to view the E-mail Notifications section. This section allows you to configure emails that are sent out to clients by the booking system for the following reasons: In the Email Notification section of the page, select whether you would like to include your business address in email notifications by checking off the appropriate box. Next, enter any additional text you wish to include in appointment notifications and reminders to you customers. Note that line breaks or HTML tags (a, b, strong ...) will not be displayed in e-mails.
customizable emails for online appointment scheduling

Step 3. Save Your Changes

Don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.
customizable emails for appointment booking

If using the scheduling system in Requested mode, additional options will be available in the E-mail Notifications section that allows different text to be included in e-mail notifications for requested appointments. Once an e-mail is accepted, the above text will be included in e-mail notifications and reminders.

Additional text can also be included for e-mail notifications sent out when requested appointments are canceled. This is useful to include information about why the appointment may have been canceled.

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