How To Invite a Client to Use Your Scheduling System

This guide will show you how to invite a client to use the booking portal that is already added to your customer database.

Step 1. Enter the "Client Lookup" Section

After selecting the "Client" tab in the scheduling system, select the "Client Lookup" option.
inviting clients to book appointments online

Step 2. Select the Client You Want to Invite to Use the Online Booking System

Select the client you want to invite by entering the client's name, primary e-mail address, or telephone number in the search field, or by finding the client in the list. Once you have found the client, click "View Details" button for the appropriate client name.
access client profiles for online client scheduling

Step 3. Invite the Client

In the Client Details section, click on the "Send Invitation" link to send an automated email to the client with information about using the system. If the client has not yet initialized their password, a link to initialize their password will be included in the e-mail. This will allow them to easily set their password to access the online booking software.
send email invitation containing information regarding online appointment booking

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