How To Add a Service

This guide will show you how to add a service in your online appointment software and configure settings for online scheduling.

Step 1. Enter the "Add Service" Section

After selecting the "Service" tab in the Settings page, select the "Add Service" option.
adding services for online appointment scheduling software

Step 2. Complete the Service Profile

In the Service Profile section, enter the name of the service you wish to add. You may also add a brief description of the service in the "Description" field. The description will appear on the online booking portal.

Next, select the service category using the drop down menu. The default Category is "Miscellaneous" however you may create additional categories by clicking on the "Add Category" option on the navigation bar. Besure to select a category, as services associated to "Miscellaneous" will not be available for online appointment booking by clients.
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Step 3. Select a Color For Your Service

Click on the "Select a Color" link. Using the Color Selection Tool that appears, select the color you wish to assign to your service by dragging your cursor to the desired color. Please note that this color will appear in your appointment booking calendar when an appointment is made for that service. You can also type the color value in the text box if you know the exact color you wish to use.
customizable appointment booking calendars

Step 4. Select the Rooms Where the Service Will Take Place

In the Rooms section of the page, select the rooms where the service will be offered by checking off the appropriate boxes. You may also indicate that you offer services at the client location by checking off the corresponding box. A service must be assigned to at least one room in order to schedule it.
You may also assign a priority level to rooms. When appointments are booked online, the rooms will be assigned to services according to their order of priority. Rooms will also appear in their order of priority on the planners.
If you wish to enable or disable rooms, please contact technical support. The room scheduling feature is especially useful when multiple staff members are sharing rooms.
online room scheduling and management for online booking software

Step 5. Select the Employees that Will Perform the Service

In the Staff section of the page, select the employees that will perform the service by checking off the appropriate boxes.
The service must be assigned to at least one employee otherwise it can not be reserved. Note that an employee may be assigned to a service for internal booking only. To do this, please remove the check mark in the box under the column "Available for Online Booking"
You may also assign a priority level to staff members. When appointments are booked online, staff will be assigned to services according to their order of priority (if the client selects "No Preference"). Staff will also appear in their order of priority on the planners. This improves internal appointment management when using the various booking calendars.
online staff scheduling for appointment scheduling software

Step 6. Set the Duration and the Price of the Service

In the Duration & Pricing section of the page, enter the duration of the service using the drop down menus for hours and minutes. Next, enter a price in the "Price" field for this duration of the service. When done, click on the "Add" button and the duration/price combination will appear in the list. To remove a duration/price combination, simply select the combination from the list and click on the "Remove" button. To remove all combinations, click on the "Remove All" button.
You must assign at least one duration to a service otherwise it can not be booked online.
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Step 7. Set Your Online Scheduling Rules

If you want your customers to be able to book appointments online through your Customer Portal, the Online Rules section must be completed. In the Online Scheduliing Rules section of the page, check off the online option box. In the section that appears after entering the check mark, enter the various rules for online bookings depending on your business preferences.
In addition, you may enter a question for your customers to answer so that you may better serve them during their visit. For example, you may ask them if they have any allergies or injuries your staff should be made aware of.
scheduling rules for customer booking software

Step 8. Set Your Email Notification Options

This section allows you to configure the emails your clients will receive when they book an appointment. In the Email Notification section of the page, select whether you would like your business address to appear in notification emails by checking off the appropriate box. Next, enter any note you wish to add to the standard email message. Click the following link for more information regarding notifications and reminders.
appointment reminders for scheduling software

Step 9. Save Your Changes

Don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.
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If you need assistance with your setup or would like some tips, feel free to touch base.

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